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We take Covid-19 seriously.
Seriously? Yeah -- seriously. 

Wear Ya Mask

You MUST wear a mask anytime you're serving with us. That includes any time your supervisor suggests, as well as when you're out in the community interacting with anyone. It is especially important during our food prep & delivery that you are not contaminating things (or people) around you. There is a chance that any of us could have covid19 at any time and not feel it. This is why we keep our mask on-- so that wet spit or breathing doesn't find its way out of our mouth into anyone else's mouth, nose or eyes. When we are standing too close to one another, or are breathing the same air inside, this is a risk. The mask helps block the wet droplets that carry covid out our body into the air. Gross- but true. 

We will have masks on site but please bring your own as well. Keeping a fresh mask around is always a flex. 

Watch how a professional does it.

Social Distance

It is harder for those nose and mouth particles to travel in the air if we are further apart--periodt! 

Clean Those Hands 

Soap breaks up the parts of the virus. which ultimately, makes it less contagious. If you can't get to some soap and water for 20 seconds, make sure you sanitize with at least 80% alcohol. This also makes the virus less contagious and covid19 can stay on surfaces for a long time. Clean your hands BEFORE you put your mask on and again after you take it off.

And stay home if you're sick

No, seriously We love you but we will also be here next week. It is not worth it.


You know how it goes-- it feels like a little headache and maybe a sore throat from sleeping with the window open....then you come serve alongside 10 people....

then boom you wake up the next day and you're super sick. You find out it is Covid and a bunch of people could have been exposed. Remember the mission-- we are here to serve the community not take chances when we can avoid it.

Covid-19 Check-In



How are you feeling today?

Thanks for submitting! 

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