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Young Bul 
Training Center



Congratulations! It is almost time to get started.

Knock out this quick video and pass the quiz with 100% before your first day.

It'll be super easy and you will know everything about us,

the first day, and the first pay!  

Vibe Check-- You need 100% to pass.
What does the B.UL. stand for in Young Bul?
What animal was present during the training?
If you know you're going to be late you should let us know....when?
Everyone will be paid using....

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you with results.


Look for The ECO Center
(connected to the hair salon)

NOTE: We are currently 10-2p 
Contact info for Ms. Bella is in your training, and Sista Crystal's cell is 215-909-0175

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